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Store Manager | Singapore

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Higher Secondary/Pre-U/"A" Level
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Our culture is made of deeply ingrained values and behaviors of every team member.

Bonding– behavior: Service
Family member share time which makes them happier and closer
  • Smile: We will try
  • Engaging: We are fun
  • Kids centric: We love kids
  • Grooming: We feel good
  • Learn through Play– behavior: Growth

“It's good for young children to play, and to learn through play" Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

  • Feedback: We will share
  • Desire to learn: We get better
  • Ownership : We all benefit

Appreciation – behavior: Safety
Be grateful to our elderly and seniors for what they did for us.
  • Don’t bend the rules: We stand for safety
  • Busy does not equal to no safety: We will make time for you!
  • Consistent execution: We will always protect you!
  • It’s too far from me: We will follow you

Scope of Position
  • Reinforce terms of use
  • Ensure safety of riders
  • Opening and/or closing of store
  • Have fun with every customer
  • Responsible for operation needs
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and relay feedback
  • Training of service leaders and service ambassadors
  • Rostering duties

Duties and Supporting Responsibilities
  • Operating and/or informing customers how to operate the mobile animals
  • Inform customers about safety precautions, brief customers of the terms and conditions
  • Charges, adjust and conduct minor maintenance in case of defects
  • Test animals daily before opening rides to customers
  • Observe customers boarding the rides to ensure they are safely seated and not in any hazardous position
  • Collects payment methods such as cash and coupons and issue tokens to customers
  • Space out rides to avoid danger of collisions
  • Responsible for the opening and closing of the store
  • Depositing cash collections daily
  • Reports to supervisor
  • Responding to all communications as required
  • Responsible for operation – based training
  • Responsible for refresher training modules to service leaders and service ambassadors.
  • Required to attend all necessary training
  • In charge of coordinating schedules of service ambassadors and leaders to prepare roster for the outlet every month and submitting it to area manager.
  • Any other duties as required

Interested candidates are welcome to apply online via JobsCentral Malaysia

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