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Jobseeker FAQ

  1. What is JobsCentral all about?
  2. How can I sign up as a jobseeker with JobsCentral?
  3. How does JobsCentral work?
  4. What is "Job Alert"?
  5. Why do I have to upload a resume?
  6. How do I search and apply for jobs?
  7. Help! I can't remember my password!
  8. How do I deactivate my jobseeker account?
  9. How secure is my information and will anybody else view it?

1) What is JobsCentral all about?

JobsCentral is a one-stop job-search portal for jobseekers. Entirely free-of-charge, registered jobseekers will be able to search for jobs from various companies, learn about job opportunities and build CV online.

To give yourself another boost with the job-hunt, visit our JobsCentral Articles, a comprehensive career-related resource. Get updated on market trends, read articles on up and coming areas of work and prepare well for interviews with our tips and advice.

2) How can I sign up as a jobseeker with JobsCentral?

To register as a jobseeker for JobsCentral, simply fill up the Jobseeker Registration Form. All you need is a personal email account that is active and frequently checked. This will ensure that you are kept abreast of the latest relevant job openings along with JobsCentral updates.

Complete the form with your email address along with a password of your choice. An email will be sent to inform you of a successful registration and you will now be able to access the full suite of functions offered by JobsCentral.

3) How does JobsCentral work?

Regardless whether you are an active or passive jobseeker, JobsCentral has the solution for you when it comes to job search.

JobsCentral allows you to search for jobs and submit applications, releasing your CV to prospective employers. Even if you are not actively looking for jobs, having an account with JobsCentral allows for employers to headhunt and seek you out.

4) What is "Job Alert"?

The Job Alert is a job matching service that notifies you of the newly posted jobs that are relevant to your personal specifications. To make use of this service, click on "Alert" tab on your jobseeker dashboard.

Based on the keywords or the profile of the jobs you are looking for, we will be able to alert you on the relevant postings so that you don't miss out on jobs of interest.

You will be able to edit the frequency or turn off the notification by customising the job agent email notification frequency.

5) Why do I have to upload a resume?

JobsCentral has a parsing technology which will help to extract and prefill your profile for you. Once your resume is set up, you will be able to choose the saved document instead of uploading a new resume each time. On top of that, having your resume on the system opens up the opportunity for you to be headhunted by prospective employers.

6) How do I search and apply for jobs?

On the homepage of JobsCentral, we have grouped the jobs by categories for your convenience.

Just below the navigation bar, you have a quick search bar that allows you to shortlist jobs by keywords, location, nature, position level and/or qualifications. You will be able to refine your searches further on the job listing page.

7) Help! I can't remember my password!

Lost your password? Click here. You will be prompted to key in the email address which you used to register the account. The system will send your password to this email account.

If you have forgotten which email account was registered on JobsCentral, contact us . Please provide with your full name and contact number so that our customer support staff can verify the account and assist with your request.

8) How do I deactivate my jobseeker account?

Please drop us a note at with your name, account email and reason for deactivation.

9) How secure is my information and will anybody else view it?

The CV and information that you have submitted to JobsCentral will be kept strictly confidential. No employer will be able to view your information unless you have specifically applied for the position or you have given your explicit consent for it to be viewed.