There are many reasons why students choose to pursue postgraduate studies. However, in order to succeed, one must be sure of their purpose and have a clear view of their ultimate goal in this journey.


Most people choose to join academia for two main reasons: to teach and nurture students in the higher education sector or to conduct lifelong research in a particular field. Though for some, these reasons may run concurrently. Regardless,...

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By Kaitlin Madden

One of the goals of researching a college before applying is to find out what life would be like if you chose to attend that school -- what your classes would be like, what kind of dorm room you'd live in, what you'd do on weekends...

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Technological advances and new developments in the law are providing the push for lawyers to go back to school.

LLM is Latin for Legum Magister (or Legum Magistra for women), which translates to Master of Laws. Defined by Black's Law Dictionary as: 'a law degree conferred on those completing graduate-level legal studies,' the LLM is recognised internationally as the first advanced academic degree in law. With the proliferation of evolving new...
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People sign up for postgraduate programmes for vastly different reasons. Some believe that an MBA after their names will ensure higher pay, while others do it so that they can move into a different area of work altogether. Some believe that the knowledge and skills gathered can help them in their work, while others feel that having a postgraduate qualification would give them an advantage over those who don't when it comes to securing a job. Whatever the reasons, more people today are...
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Lifelong education is the key phrase in today's knowledge-based economy. From traditional postgraduate degrees to professional licenses and certifications, professional and personal development in the form of continuing studies is the trend nowadays. For those thinking of working in the banking and financial services industry, here is an overview of postgraduate courses or programmes that are available.

Why postgraduate study?

Most people undertake up postgraduate...
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