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A solid CV and covering letter are essentials to get your foot in the door.

While it is convenient for you to send out a host of cloned applications, it is just as convenient for employers to dismiss them. You must show motivation and a clear understanding of the position you're applying for. This will make your application more relevant and help convince the employer to call you in for an interview.

When you find an advertisement for a job that interests you, save a...

Last Modified : Wed, 01/12/2010

Engineering would seem like a steady vocation, yet many engineering graduates choose to go into other fields. Engineering 'refugees' Gareth Corsi and Richard Chua reveal why they jumped ship and elected to pursue careers far removed from their university training.

The Journalist
Name: Gareth Corsi
Qualification: BEng (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK, 1998

The journalist who fell into words

Last Modified : Wed, 02/09/2009

For much of its history, the oil and gas industry has been dominated by men. However, this has been changing as more women have been contributing to the growth of this booming industry around the world.

Forward-thinking companies welcome and recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce as they can draw on more ideas, innovation and contributions. Faced with an increasingly competitive global job market, the oil and gas industry is also opening many doors to women in its...
Last Modified : Wed, 02/09/2009

Engineering is undoubtedly a huge sector in Malaysia. However, is the sector large enough to cater to all the engineering graduates being churned out each year? How big is the sector compared to other big ones such as IT and finance? Institution of Engineers Malaysia Pro Engineering Technology Innovation Bureau chairman Engr. Rocky Wong tells us more.

Engineering covers a big scope of work, normally varying through the different levels of qualifications. For example, Wong...
Last Modified : Wed, 02/09/2009