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The issue of tax crops up in almost every legal transaction, as Chong Mun Yew, tax consultant for Wong & Partners, explains.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines a tax as 'contribution levied on persons, property or business for the support of government.'

The reasons for tax law

Pursuant to the Heasman Report of 1947, income tax was introduced by the British into the Federation of Malaya with effect from 1 January 1948 in the form of Income Tax...
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The purpose of intellectual property (IP) law is to protect as well as reward intellectual creations. Wendy Lam, managing partner of V Chong W Lam, explains how the law works and what is expected of lawyers who specialise in this type of law.

Inventors are understandably protective of their inventions, particularly if their inventions cost a lot of money to produce and are able to help them generate more money. By patenting their invention, they can exploit the invention...
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The Information Technology and Communications (ITC) sector of law provides a number of unique challenges, as it keeps pace with an industry that changes by the day. Kwok Yew Chen from Wong & Partners elaborates.

ITC lawyers aim to provide end-to-end legal services to clients from the ITC industry. They have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of each branch of the ITC industry's requirements, standards and needs. They also strive to provide practical,...
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Helping individuals to plan their legacy for their loved ones is the focus of estate planning. Richard Seow Yeaw Chong, Senior Manager of Marketing & Training at Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd, provides insight into this area of legal practice.

In legal terms, an estate is the collection of assets and liabilities left by a person after his or her death. Estate planning is the arrangement for the management and disposal of a person's estate after death, through wills,...
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Danielle Tan and Leonard Yeoh from Tay & Partners discuss the world of employment law, industrial relations and a lawyer's role in what can sometimes be a high-profile arena.

Employment/industrial relations can be a specialised area of practice for lawyers. It is fairly wide and the areas of practice may be in both contentious litigation and non-contentious advisory and transactional matters. The employment and industrial relations law in Malaysia can be very...
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