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By Ming Han

Do you believe in your capabilities? Think you should make more based upon your performance? There's only one job suitable for your needs, and that's having a career in sales! Suitable for convincing, confident and outgoing people, the sales career brings opportunities, recognition and money for performers!

Earn Extra Commission For Each...

Last Modified : Fri, 23/05/2014

In today's business world, it is all about having the 'edge' over your competitors and being able to retain your customers. However, how do companies find out information about obtaining this edge? Lee Vee Meng, senior executive from Accenture explains what management consulting is all about.

In a nutshell, management consulting involves mostly mobilising the right people, skills and technologies - any business ingredients, really - to help a company...
Last Modified : Thu, 03/09/2009

What is project management and what does it entail? Mesiniaga Bhd project manager Cheah Kam Yen talks about his work and what motivates him to stay in this particular line.

In a nutshell, Cheah described his work scope as 'ensuring proper project execution, tracking project progress, and that everything goes according to plan with good quality.' This position normally only caters to the more experienced employees of a firm.

According to Cheah, some of the...
Last Modified : Thu, 03/09/2009