by Alfred Leo

Late again? This can be a life threatening problem if we don’t get it right from the start! The problem starts when we fail to report at work on time, thus missing important meetings, getting told off and worse, a warning letter. Trust me, a few...

Last Modified : Fri, 17/06/2016

In this current age, almost everyone won't spend their 8 working hours fully on their jobs (and if you do, pat yourself on the back). Between social media, videos, headline news and clickbait articles, there are multiple ways to get distracted at work. Of course, this is generally frowned upon by your superiors, so here are several ways to hide your non-working...

Last Modified : Wed, 06/04/2016

by Ming Han

A career fair is a great opportunity to interact with employers and possibly secure a follow-up job interview or even an offer. Five to ten minutes of an interviewer's time is enough for the candidate to learn about the company's opportunities and its suitabilities. It's also enough for the interviewer to judge the candidate's capabilities.

With all the benefits of career...

Last Modified : Thu, 08/01/2015

By Ming Han

The phone call is an invaluable tool for all companies as most communication requires an active conversation. Therefore, it is important for everyone to understand that the caller's (and by...

Last Modified : Tue, 10/12/2013

By Kaitlin Madden

According to 2009 research from international consulting firm Deloitte, the average office worker sends around 160 emails and checks his or her inbox more than 50 times per day. If practice really...

Last Modified : Wed, 17/10/2012

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